The toppling of the former President
(turned Dictator) Ferdinand
Marcos was our chance to
straighten our heavily flawed
political system. We did not.
The leaders of the coup
d’état must have
realized even then
the problems of our
system. Juan Ponce
Enrile and Fidel Ramos,
two of the finest minds
in law and the military,
were at some point
educated in America
and thus, well-versed in
the Jury System. Why did neither of these Filipino leaders
suggest its adoption? Did they foresee investigations on
themselves? True enough, they were both questioned on
anomalies during their respective terms of office, and
Enrile even jailed.
Nonetheless, Filipino lawyer Marlowe Camello (who also
practices in California, USA) presented to then President
Cory Aquino in 1987 the possible adoption of the Jury
System into the New Constitution being drafted. He was
Thus, we retained a judicial system wherein a single judge
decides on the fate of a poor Juan de la Cruz and a rich

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