WPJI, PNU hold symposium on Philippine Jury for Filipinos

The Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences of the Philippine Normal University (PNU) together with the PNU Social Science Club and Worldwide Philippine Jury Initiative held a symposium on jury system for Filipinos, February 26, 2016, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Publice and Alumni Relations Hall, PNU, Manila. With the theme, “Wanted: Trial Judges for Criminal Cases!” to show the possibility of the common man to be a juror, Ms. Daisy Brett-Holt facilitated the event attended by students, [...]

WPJI holds Jury System symposiums and presentations

WPJI holds regular symposiums and presentations on Jury System in the Philippines. We are joining the Student Leaders Forum at Bulacan State University – Malolos Campus on March 22 at 2:00 PM. If you have friends or relatives enrolled or working at BSU, please inform us so we can invite and make the necessary arrangement for their attendance. Recently, WPJI conducted the following Philippine Normal University Symposium on February 26 from 2 to 4 PM Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship Presentation at Serye. Quezon City [...]

Number of Signatures Your Donation Can Gather

Depending on the rate between Philippine peso, British pound and US dollar, your donation can help gather signatures for the jury cause as follows: Php 390 or £6 – 22 voters’ signature Php 976 or £15 – 55 voters’ signature Php 1950 or £30 – 110 voters’ signature Php 3445 or £53 – 195 voters’ signature Donations and expenses update: Total Donations this month of ______, 2016 is ___________. Total Expenses this month of______, 2016 is ___________. Outstanding Balance:___________

Support the nationwide signature campaign of WPJI

Support the enactment of Jury System in the Philippines by contributing to the nationwide signature campaign of WPJI. This Jury System shall empower the people to have a deciding vote in the dispensation of justice, and to fight for their rights in court against bad governance. We want this done through People’s Initiative, a means of enacting laws directly by the people provided for in the Philippine Constitution. You may read more about the National Jury Law prepared by Marlowe Carmello, Esq. We also [...]