Right from the day I started this campaign for the adoption of the Jury System, I thought that the only way it could happen was for Congress to amend the 1987 Constitution. This would have meant lobbying Congress to amend the Constitution: – But the lawmakers might have just sat on our proposition for years if not decades; Worse still, they might have rejected it right from the word go; And if they didn’t reject it, they might have watered down our draft [...]

Grand Jury and the Ombudsman

Threats to the life of an Ombudsman will be avoided if the country has a Jury System! The tit for tat between Vice President Binay and Ombudsman Morales is one such case.  The Grand Jury examines, reviews and then decides the existence of probable cause.  If it exists, then the GRAND JURY has the power to indict. VP Binay and his cohorts cannot threaten his “bosses”, the 23 Grand Jurors who are unknown to him. Section 62 of the National Jury [...]

Views on Federalism

Note: Below is an email on Federalism posted by Marlowe Camello, Esq., that WPJI is publishing in full, with his due and kind permission. Further down is a response from Mr. Laurence Araula del Puerto, also being published with his kind permission. Adoption of the Jury System is the ultimate solution to the evils of Graft and Corruption in our society and government. It is the real people’s means to exercise their sovereign power to participate in the administration of justice [...]

Why Marcos Loot Cannot Be Distributed

Note: Below is an email sent by Marlowe Camello, Esq., that WPJI is publishing with his due and kind permission. For the common and ordinary citizens-claimants and people who are victims in the hands of the Marcos Martial Law Regime, they don’t understand why the moneys that have been recovered by the Philippine Government today could not yet be distributed to them. Most of them are already dying because of old age and sickness. Of course, technicalities behind the Rules of [...]

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Endorses WPJI National Info Tour

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of the Philippines endorses the National Information Tour on Jury Trial and Grand Jury of the Worldwide Philippine Jury Initiative (WPJI) in a memorandum dated July 15, 2015 signed by Dr. Patricia Licuanan, PH. D. The memorandum reads in part: “In accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act (R.A.) 7722, otherwise known as the ‘”Higher Education Act of 1994″‘, this Office hereby endorses the above undertaking organized by the Worldwide Philippine Jury Initiative, Inc. [...]


WPJI calls on GMA, the Binays and Senators_ Enrile, Estrada and Revilla to endorse and sponsor the implementation of the JURY SYSTEM for Filipinos AND LET THE PEOPLE BE THE JUDGE! If they, our honourable leaders are truly innocent of the accusations levelled on them by the Aquino administration, then instead of being investigated by the Senate and tried by publicity, then let juries of ordinary Filipinos judge them fairly, justly and swiftly. They will individually be secretly investigated for probable [...]

YES to Jury System for Filipinos

JURY SYSTEM is a judicial process where a group of ordinary people are called by law to decide serious legal case brought to court for investigation and trial. Ito ay isang pamamaran upang ang ordinaryong Pilipino ay maaring ihabla ang sinuman, mayaman man o mahirap na gumawa ng seryosong krimen sa kapwa o sa madla. Ano ang Kagandahan of the Jury System? Ito ay nagbibigay kapangyarihan sa ating mga Pilipino na patakbuhin ang ating  gobyerno sa sa pamamagitan ng pantay-pantay na [...]

Invitation to Jury System for Filipinos

This is an invitation to all patriotic Filipinos to a mini-conference on Jury System for Filipinos with the theme “Pantay-pantay na Katarungan Para sa Lahat.” Ms. Daisy Talion-Arcilla Brett-Holt, chairperson of Worldwide Philippine Jury Initiative (WPJI) who has come out of retirement in the United Kingdom will be the main speaker. The mini-conference will be held on December 8 (Monday), 2014 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at 14th Floor, HRB, Quezon City Hall, Quezon City. The program will include a presentation [...]

WARNING: Do not read this if you cannot GIVE!

The Jury System Advocates had been appealing for financial support towards our campaign for the adoption of the Jury System in the Philippines since October 2013.  This website has at least 10 visitors at any given time; sadly, our appeal has mostly fallen on deaf ears. Many visitors are appreciative of the information/revelations they get from the articles and some leave heart warming or ego boosting comments.  Naturally, I appreciate the compliments too but my intention is to raise funds [...]


Initiatives or movements abound in the Philippines which include WPJI’s People’s Initiative to enact a NATIONAL JURY LAW. Here they are: The abolition of PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund aka Pork Barrel) given to Senators and Congressmen to use for their constituents’ projects like infrastructure, irrigation and economic assistance to farmers and the marginalised. During GMA’s presidency, this was declared constitutional by the Supreme Court which included Justice Renato Puno.  But the winds of change blew in the opposite direction.  The [...]