Views on Federalism

Note: Below is an email on Federalism posted by Marlowe Camello, Esq., that WPJI is publishing in full, with his due and kind permission. Further down is a response from Mr. Laurence Araula del Puerto, also being published with his kind permission.

Adoption of the Jury System is the ultimate solution to the evils of Graft and Corruption in our society and government.

It is the real people’s means to exercise their sovereign power to participate in the administration of justice that will enable them to secretly investigate and indict in court the untouchables of society through the Grand Jury System. Federalism is no solution to the chaotic social condition in the country. Federalism will never stop government corruption. In fact it will lead to many dictatorships in the many independent states in the Philippine Archipelago. The more it will weaken our position in claiming ownership of the Spratley Islands and the other Shoals in the Western Seas of the Philippines.

– Marlowe

I agree with you that Federalism is not the solution but would rather cause more corruption and I support the installation of a Jury system in the Philippines. A test run on the system in one of our provinces should be done before its full implementation nationwide. Federalism is well supported by local political czars so that their corrupt and tyrannical rule will remain unchallenged not just by local political rivals but also by national authorities.- del Puerto

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