WARNING: Do not read this if you cannot GIVE!

The Jury System Advocates had been appealing for financial support towards our campaign for the adoption of the Jury System in the Philippines since October 2013.  This website has at least 10 visitors at any given time; sadly, our appeal has mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Many visitors are appreciative of the information/revelations they get from the articles and some leave heart warming or ego boosting comments.  Naturally, I appreciate the compliments too but my intention is to raise funds and not to be given compliments.

Anyway, we, advocates are proud to say that the campaign has moved on in leaps and bounds.  Here is an update.  Please click the link for Report No 3:http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/reform-the-philippine-judiciary-with-a-jury-system/updates/.

Sadly, as you have read from Report No 3, we are presently unable to meet all the funding demands of the campaign and so have to restrict our activities.  Donating is easy.  Just click the ‘Donate’ button in any of the two widgets in this page and decide how much you want to give.  A donation of £6 or €8 or $10 will fund the gathering of 22 signatures.  PayPal donations in other currencies will be converted.  Naturally, Paypal will charge WPJI the exchange rate variation and a small commission.  Can you spare a few bucks to help our campaign for a righteous and just nation?

The Filipinos are clamouring for a solution to the corruption, poverty and lawlessness gripping our country today.  Well known economists say that the country is doing well.  Unfortunately, the wealth produced is enjoyed only by the few who are rich and powerful.  It does not trickle down to the poor.  Only a Jury System can stop this greed among the rich and powerful. 

Many solutions were proposed by other nationalistic groups but will they solve our problems?  The next article, “PROPOSALS GALORE”, analyses the different solutions and discusses why a Jury System should be adopted first before other proposals are embarked on.

Please help us succeed in achieving a RIGHTEOUS and JUST NATION through the enactment of a NATIONAL JURY LAW.  It will deter our leaders, officials and people from perpetuating their corrupt practices.



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