Why Marcos Loot Cannot Be Distributed

Note: Below is an email sent by Marlowe Camello, Esq., that WPJI is publishing with his due and kind permission.

For the common and ordinary citizens-claimants and people who are victims in the hands of the Marcos Martial Law Regime, they don’t understand why the moneys that have been recovered by the Philippine Government today could not yet be distributed to them. Most of them are already dying because of old age and sickness.

Of course, technicalities behind the Rules of Court are being resorted to by the greedy parties to prevent the distribution of the moneys recovered in their claims and the poor claimants are helpless to speed up the process. The ultimate reason behind this? The answer is Philippine Justice. It is a government monopoly and it is exclusively controlled by the rich and powerful who holds the power of the government. Even the Philippine Supreme Court is helpless to enforce its final judgment on the issue because its power and the power of judges cannot be supported by the people’s power. The Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch of Government are lame duck government instrumentality like orphans because their functions are not supported directly by the voting power of the people.

There is a solution to overcome the so-called legal technicalities. That solution is the creation of the GRAND JURY and TRIAL JURY Systems. Of course the government controllers of justice shall not allow this systems to be enacted and the only recourse for the common people is for them to enact the Jury Systems by the people’s initiative process under the procedures of RA 6735.

Grand Juries cannot be inhibited or threatened by legal technicalities because it is controlled directly by the sovereign people under Article II, Section 1, of the constitution who shall become members of the Grand Jury. The Grand Juries can secretly investigate and indict in court for obstruction of justice any person or party or public official or judge or justice or any powerful untouchable character of society without seeking permission from any government official, Ombudsman, Fiscal, or the President who may be trying to obstruct the distribution of the Marcos Loot because they, too, can be charged by a Grand Jury for Obstruction of Justice.Adoption of the Jury System is the only mechanism of justice by which the common people shall be empowered and enabled to decide independently to send to jail the untouchables of justice who are obstructing by technicalities the distribution of the Marcos Loot no matter who gets hurt.Read about the status of the Marcos Loot in the website below:
PCGG recovers $29M from Marcos loot

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